Distance Education


The Distance Education Coordinator,  will be one of your main points of contact while you take courses. It their  job to make sure that you receive the designated materials for each course in a timely manner and track all of your incoming assignments.


Distance Education courses follow the standard academic calendar as published on our website and as such, students taking web courses are under the same guidelines and policies as all other students. This includes but is not limited to academic policies such as drop/add dates, withdrawal dates, registration dates, and assignment due dates. 


Each course syllabus will be in emailed to you.

Please read through the entire syllabus carefully, just as one would the first day of course. Mark your calendar with all the important dates, including the due dates for all assignments.


Pertinent handouts and/or notes from the courses will be in the online portal as well. If you feel you are missing something of this nature referenced by the professor, please notify me.


Procuring textbooks is the responsibility of the student, whether taking courses on campus or through Distance Education. All required textbooks are usually available through amazon.com, christianbook.com, or similar websites, or purchase locally.


Many courses have tests or exams as part of their curriculum. When you are ready for a test or exam, call or email me with your request. Most exams can be sent by fax, email, or ground mail, so be sure to note your preference. Many tests and exams have time limits and/or instructions (i.e. closed-book), which will be stated on the exam cover page. The due date for any tests or exams will be listed on the syllabus.


Although communication with your professor of record is highly recommended (and sometimes required—see “Correspondence with Professors” below), submission of all assignments will only be accepted through the Distance Education Office. At this time we accept assignments by email, fax, or ground mail.


If you have questions of an academic nature contact your professor of record for the course, not the course lecturer.


Two-week course extensions are available by official request (through the form on our website) and payment of $30 per course. Any student may file a course extension request up to the last day of the quarter.


Feel  to contact our distant education coordinator, if you have any other questions or concerns.


Valencia Hunt

Distance Education Coordinator
4139 Kewanee St.
Houston , TX 775051

Call or Text