Faculty and Staff

Teaching Faculty 

Dr.Reginald C. Rose
Professor of Church History and Apologetics
– 30 years of pastoring, Dr.Rose has been a true blessing to his students here at TEB Seminary.



Dr.Larry W. Jackson
Professor of Eschatology

Dr. Jackson has continued to strive for excellence in his Pastor and teaching ability by obtaining numerous degrees such as a Bachelor of Theology in Christian Education,  a Master of Arts in Theological Studies, along with a Master of Divinity, and a Doctrine of Ministry.


Rev.Leonard Prudhomme
Professor of Biblical Studies 

Pastor Prudhomme graduated from Oikodome School of Biblical Studies with a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education in 2010 and earned a Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies at Trinity Evangelical Seminary.  His plans are to continue his education until he reaches a Doctorate degree in Divinity.



Nickarr Prudhomme
Professor of Christian Counseling

 Nickarr graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of St. Thomas in 2001 and earned a recent Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies and Board Certification Nouthetic Counseling from Trinity Evangelical Bible Seminary.  She works as a clinical and surgical coordinator in Orthopedic Surgery for Houston Methodist. She leads the Women’s Ministry, Glorious Growth (Youth Group) and is a Sunday school teacher. Nickarr enjoys traveling, reading and music.






Valencia Hunt  – Admission & Student Affairs
Mishele’ Rowe – Board Member
Rev.Oliver Underwood – Board Member
Arthur Hurd – Board Member








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