Degree Application

TEB SEMINARY considers all applicants, regardless of religious affiliation, race, ethnic heritage, gender, age, or physical ability. Students who have graduated from high school or the equivalent (General Education Development (GED) certificate holders), individuals whose high school class has graduated, as well as current high school students who meet the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program criteria or the Supplemental Enrollment criteria may apply for admission to TEBS. Students will be charged a non-refundable registration/application fee.

Admission to the college does not automatically qualify a student for all courses and curricula of the college; some of the course offerings and programs have special prerequisites.


Degree Seeking Applicants

  1. Application. Complete the application form and return it to the Admissions Office.
  2. Submit your Personal Testimony and return it with your application.
  3. A written statement concerning the student’s desire to pursue a degree at TEBS.
  4. Application Fee/Registration Fee. $65.00. Non-refundable.
  5. Transcripts. Submit all official transcripts of college and/or graduate work. Use the enclosed form and duplicate if necessary.
  6. Recent Digital Photo
  7. Letter of recommendation from your pastor.
  8. Set appointment for Bible Knowledge Exam.
  9. Register for Freshman Orientation



4139 Kewanee St
Houston , TX 77051


Priority will be given to applications received four (4) weeks or more before the first day of classes each term. All applicants must submit an application for admission, available from the admissions office or downloaded below.