Tuition & Fees

TEB Seminary  believes it is vital to provide accessible quality Biblical education at the lowest possible cost. We seek to help our students avoid the pressure of accumulating educational debts which can often cause some to yield to compromise. We are therefore committed to maintaining affordable tuition costs.

Tuition Costs

Tuition costs are calculated per course (typically but not always 3 hours of credit), not per hour.

Course Fees
Continuing Education Audit
$75 per course (All CE Courses = 1 CEU)
$375 per course
$475 per course
$550 per course

Student Fees

Enrollment Fee                             $65

Re-Enrollment Fee                       $30

Registration Fee *                         $25

Late Registration*                         $45

Resource Fee*                              $17

Continuing Education Fee            $35

Non-credit Hour Fee**                 $250

Graduation                                  Varies

Intensive and Residency Costs   $35

Student ID***                               $25

Technology fee per semester*    $65

Dissertation Binding Fee            $35















Library Fee ***                           $25

Parking Fee ***                          $15
(waived during pandemic)

Distance Education Fee***        $55

Audit Classes Fee                     $67






*Per Semester    ** Non Credit  *** Per school Year
Students must re-register if inactive for three months or longer. *Each semester the tech fees is applied to the registration

** For oral exam, thesis seminar and master’s thesis

All financial information subject to change.