The Elizabeth Susie Ambrose Scholarship

Empowering Dreams: The Elizabeth Susie Ambrose Scholarship

TEB SEMINARY – Officially Inaugurates the Elizabeth Susie Ambrose Scholarship Fund!! 


Elizabeth Susie Ambrose, a name that resonates with determination, excellence, and philanthropy, has become a beacon of inspiration for many, including myself. Known for her groundbreaking contributions to the kingdom and the lives that she impacted. Ambrose’s life story is a testament to the power of resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to making a difference.! 
Elizabeth Susie Ambrose entered the universe on July 29, 1938 as the second child and daughter born to Joe and Alice Jester, in the small town of Griffin, Georgia. At an early age she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

From the beginning of her life, Sue exhibited a strong desire to excel. She was thoroughly involved in High School activities. She excelled in her High school academics and was an excellent speaker. She graduated in 1957 from Fairmont high School in Griffin, Georgia. She attended community college in California. While attending college she met and married Curtis J. Ambrose Jr. in 1960. From that union she was blessed with a daughter, Stephanie L. Ambrose and a son, Kirk E. Ambrose. She was given 3 wonderful grandchildren that brightened her life.

Sue Ambrose embarked on a career with Los Angeles county that expanded over 40 years. She was hired as a clerk typist and retired as a Deputy District Director.

Mother Ambrose’s love for Jesus Christ fortified her always. Her bible driven beliefs and her faith in the Holy Spirit ran deep and unwavering. She was a member of Mt Horeb Baptist church where she served as a Sunday school teacher and as Sunday School Superintendent. She was a strong supporter of Bible teaching. She was the President of the Mother’s board and a Trustee on the finance committee as well as the Pastor’s Aide supporter. She is known for being a strong giver. 

Mother Ambrose gave to all and to whoever was in need. She was a self-appointed charitable organization gleefully funding her own cause. She gave thousands of dollars over the years to Children Hospitals, Veteran Organizations and Black Colleges just to name a few. If an envelope came in the mail asking for help … she did just that. She was generous to a fault. She was constantly writing checks and pressing cash into a needy palm. She was a born missionary. She visited the sick and shut in. Not only from her church but anyone that she knew about that needed a visit or two. 

Mother Ambrose was also affiliated with the Vision Church under the leadership of Dr. Deryck Hunte. She considered Dr Hunte, his wife Valencia and their three daughters her adopted family. She would tune-in to their weekly bible study and Sunday church service regularly. 

Elizabeth Sue Ambrose was a member of Psi Gamma Mu Sorority Gamma Chapter, a professional women’s society, for 30 years. During her tenure as a Soror she served as Basileus for 10 years. The church and the sorority proved to be excellent outlets for her favorite past times- helping out and giving support to those in need.

This scholarship honors the life and legacy of Elizabeth Susie Ambrose. It continues her spirit of giving to those in need when times are tough. It’s her, “pressing cash into the palm of others’ hands”. 

For MDiv students from North America pursuing ordained ministry

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